From Bush has signed a long-term contract with Trauma Records, prompting the label to drop its lawsuit against the British modern rock act. Trauma will now release the band's forthcoming studio set, The Science of Things, in the fall; the album will be the final Bush release distributed by Universal(via Interscope). All future Bush albums will be distributed worldwide by BMG. With the new agreement, Trauma has withdraw its $40 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against the band. The suit, filed in early March in Los Angeles, alleged that Bush breached the terms of a 1996 recording agreement with the label by not ddelivering The Science of Things. In addition, the suit alleged that the band was shopping the album to another record company and possibly had received advanced payments and other compensations. Bush will preview tracks from The Science of Things July 25 at Woodstock 99. The act has already played some of the new songs on its recent club tour. Bush's last studio album, 1996's Razorblade Suitcase, debuted atop the Billboard 200. The act also released a remixed set, Deconstructed, in 1997. According to Trauma, Bush has sold more than 13 million albums worldwide.

From MTV(6-5-99): What started out as a one-off club date is turning into quite the little tour for Bush. In addition to a club date in Pomona, California on Thursday and a private showcase gig in Los Angeles, the band plans to hit small venues in San Diego and New York in the coming weeks. Before playing Pomona's Glass House on Thursday and L.A.'s Roxy next Friday, the band will head to Montezuma Hall in San Diego for a show on Tuesday. The band has also lined up three dates at New York's Irving Plaza July 21, 22, and 23 as part of the annual Digital Club Festival. The band joins a roster that includes Chuck D's Confrontation Camp, The Donnas, Frank Black, Prince Paul, Looper, Spain, the Delta 72, and many others. The festival will sprawl over for nights in New York from July 20-23, and many other acts are expected to be announced in hte coming weeks. Badges for the festival will go on sale on June 14 and will give fans access to more than 350 shows. Users can find more information on this year's Digital Club Festival by visiting".

Gavin appeared on ABC's Politically Incorrect on Monday, May 17th. According to what was said at the beginning of the show, TSOT won't be released until this September.

Lollapalooza, which Bush might have headlined, has been cancelled once again. Promoters were unable to sign big-name acts needed to headline the summer festival.

More on TSOT problems...This is from the April issue of Spin magazine.(thanks to Bestminds)

If you're waiting for the new Bush album, don't hold your breath. Relations between the band and their label, Trauma Records, have been sour since Trauma split with its former parent Interscope (leaving Bush with Trauma and former labelmates No Doubt with Interscope). Insiders are saying Bush are refusing to deliver the already-recorded album in an attempt to provoke a release from their contract (at press time, Trauma had just filed suit). Of course, both sides are keeping in mind that Interscope retains an almost 25 percent stake in Bush in the form of distribution rights it retains to the album under the terms of the settlement with Trauma. But don't bet on Bush pulling a George Michael: Sources close to the band say Bush are wary of staying out of the public eye for too long, and are also rumored Lollapalooza headliners. In fact, some are wondering if what Bush really want is to return to the industry powerhouse responsible for their success--Interscope and its chairman, Jimmy Iovine. Any other interested label would get stuck with both the cost of buying out the band's contract and the 25 percent due Interscope, so smart money says the band will be at Interscope by the time you read this.

Bush are expected to play at Woodstock '99. Others expected to perform are Metallica, Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, Alanis Morissette, Willie Nelson, Hole, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit and Korn. However, the full lineup is not yet set. The festival takes place from July 23 to July 25 at the Griffiss Technology Park, in Rome, N.Y. Tickets are expected to go on sale in April at $150 for the 3 days.

Bush is scheduled to play the Hurricane Festival in Germany, which will take place on June 26th and 27th. Check out their website at!

Bush will play in the annual Music Industry Soccer Six match along with other British acts such as Blur, Robbie Williams, and Simply Red. Tickets for the game, which takes place on May 29th at Chelsea Football Club in London, cost 12 pounds. All proceeds go to charity. Check out their website at for more information.

This is an article from Rocktropolis(March 5th).
Trauma Sues Bush For $40 Million

If you've been wondering where Bush's third album,The Science of Things, is hiding, so has Trauma Records. The label filed a $40 million lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday(March 5) against the band and their loan-out company, Vineland Limited, for not yet delivering the album per the terms in their 1996 recording contract. The suit reads, in part, "Trauma is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that [Bush] are seeking to enter into an agreement with another record company for the production and distribution of their recordings and for the purpose of releasing their next album through such company." The suit also alleges Bush has failed to deliver a budget for the album, which is also in breach of the 1996 recording contract. Trauma is seeking, among other things, an injunction against any other label from distributing The Science of Things, an injunction for Bush to deliver the album to Trauma, and $40 million in various damages and attorney fees. The label is also seeking a declaration allowing the label to enforce the 1996 recording contract until 2003. "Bush is refusing to deliver the album," says Skip Miller of Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro, LLP, attorney for Trauma. "We've read in the press and heard in the music community that the album has been completed," he says. "The album belongs to Trauma, they are all geared up to promote, market, and distribute it. This is a pretty cut- and- dry lawsuit -- we're right, they're wrong." Spokespeople for Bush had no comment on the matter. Like most bands, Bush wanted to renegotiate their contract after the success of their debut, 1994's Sixteen Stone, and its follow-up, 1996's Razorblade Suitcase. But in the suit, Trauma alleges that Bush made "excessive and unwarranted financial demands" of the label. Additionally, one of the clauses in the 1996 Trauma/Bush recording contract stated that Bush was required to "deliver the follow-up toRazorblade Suitcase within five months after Trauma's request for such a record, and in no event no later than 12 months after the delivery of Razorblade Suitcase." The suit alleges Bush has not done so, initiating the suit for breach of contract, breach of implied convenant of good faith and fair dealing, claim and delivery, conversion, declaratory relief, and unjust enrichment/ constructive trust. Trauma acquired the rights to Bush after a 1993 joint venture between Kahane Entertainment (a venture of Rob Kahane, co-president of Trauma Records) and Hollywood Records was terminated in 1994 (Bush was known as Future Primitive at the time and the suit alleges that Hollywood Records considered the album that was to become Sixteen Stone "virtually worthless"). Trauma released Sixteen Stone, then signed the band to a deal for two additional records with an option for three more. At the time of Razorblade Suitcase's release, Trauma had entered into another joint venture with Interscope Records, which was terminated as a result of a lawsuit filed by Trauma in May 1997 (allstar, May 27, 1997). That case ended with Interscope keeping No Doubt, but Trauma maintaining the rights to Bush (allstar, August 29, 1997). As a result of that lawsuit, The Science of Things was to be released on Trauma/Interscope with future Bush recordings surfacing on whatever label/ distribution combo Trauma secured (BMG, as of last year).
-- Kevin Raub

Bush is in the January issue of Kerrang! magazine.

Bush has finished mixing their forthcoming album, "The Science of Things", at a London studio with "16stone" producers Alan Winstanley and Clive Langer. The new album includes songs such as "Altered States", "Ban the Bomb", "The Disease of the Dancing Cats", "Jesus Online", "Warm Machine", and "Dead Meat" among others. The album will be released on Interscope in March.

Bush is currently mixing their forthcoming album, "The Science Of Things" produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley. The album purportedly contains 16 songs, two of which are called "Ban The Bomb" and "Altered States", in addition to the four song titles previously reported by Nigel. The band hopes to finish mixing by the New Year with plans to release the album in the spring of 1999 and a tour following it. For more info, check out the articles from Rolling Stone Online and MTV Online, both available in the Articles&Interviews section.

Nigel Pulsford is in the process of recording a solo album with his sister, who has previously worked with acts such as Cyndi Lauper.

Bush won the title of Best British Band at the recent Kerrang Awards.

Nigel has announced 4 song titles out of the 16 that Gavin wrote..."Dead Meat", "Prize Fighter", "Space Travel", and "Disease of the Dancing Cats". He also said that the album will be released in February or March.

(From Spin: Sept 98)While some millennialists are preparing for Armageddon, Bush intend to greet the year 2000 with an album "geared toward space travel," says frontman Gavin Rossdale. "But don't worry, it will be a smooth ride,." What he essentially means is that Bush's third studio effort will have more special effects than their last record, the Steve Albini-produced Razorblade Suitcase. "We plan to use sonic loops and lots of computer techniques," Rossdale says. "But I'm not trying to be Rakim. We're not throwing out our baby." Bush have asked back Sixteen Stone producer Clive Langer, and are aiming to finish the 13-song record with him in September. But it won't be released until early 1999 because "it's such a fuck-off year," Rossdale says. And no, there aren't any love songs about the singer's girlfriend, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani. "But she did inspire one of my foolish protest songs," he says, mysteriously. Bush also plan to have cult screamer Poly Styrene, of British punk band X-Ray Spex, sing vocals on one track, as well as several musicians over the age of 50, to get that "been-through-it vibe." (Rossdale swears he's serious.) "My goal is to create an atmosphere and a world that's very personal," Rossdale says,"and I'd use a lemon tree if it helped me get it across."