102.1 The Edge
Molson Ampitheatre, Toronto
October 1997
Interviewer: Kim Hughes

Kim Hughes: Music from the band BUSH. They are performing this evening at the Molson Ampitheatre and in just a few moments we are going to be speaking to Gavin, so why don't we do what we've got to do first?

Gavin Rossdale: Oh?

KH: What? I'm sorry.

GR: Sorry...it's OK.

KH: I just thought we'd do this break...

GR: I'll wait.

KH:...we don't want to interrupt you once we get started.

GR: Oh no, no, no...course not.

KH: Nice to see you again, by the way.

GR: Thanks, nice to see you again. I saw you in the lift.

KH: Yes, we were in the lift.

GR: Lovely ride.

KH: It was a padded lift, which was sort of comforting somehow...(laugh)

GR:People of (?) your program'll think we're boring, now quick play some music.

KH: Alright in just a few moments we'll continue our conversation with Gavin.

KH: Welcome back to the Live in Toronto. I'm Kim and I'm just about to get the punchline just as the mic goes on...nothing (laugh). Telling jokes backstage at the Molson Ampitheatre with Gavin Rossdale from Bush. Yeah! (screaming)

KH: It just wouldn't feel comfortable if there wasn't somebody screaming...in all the time we've spoken, there's always been so much noise...

GR: ...Makes an interesting point. We only ever do interviews together when there's lots of people. I think that's more a reflection of you than me, in a funny way.

KH: I don't know about that, Gavin, I don't know...

GR: Bearing in mind how many interviews I do when there isn't a crowd.

KH: Hmmm.

GR: Hmmm.

KH: Maybe we can amend that next time.

GR: We'll leave that one for later.

KH: Yeah.

GR: We have time, we don't want to bore everyone about that now.

KH: I don't think so. There's lots to talk about...

GR: Yes.

KH:...people in the paddle boats...one thing that...actually, every time before I speak to you, you have a great American publicist, a guy named Michael Pagnata(sp?) and he always tells me wonderful stories but one thing he mentioned to me...

GR: And he's very good looking as well.

KH:...He's a handsome guy, yes...ah, he was mentioning the video shoot for Personal Holloway and saying that that was one of the favourite ones you've done. You felt really good about the video...


KH: So what qualifies as a good video shoot. Is it having control over what goes on? Is it just the sort of vibe around it?

GR: I mean, we always have control over what goes on even on the one that was farthest away from us, the kind of massive Greedy Fly video. The final edit was totally subject to every request we put forward for it. I wanted a basic performance video but in an interesting way and for my own taste. I achieved that with Personal Holloway with the help of a really good director and it was just low key and good and exciting and you know, I've just always wanted to do a video like that.

KH: It's interesting, I remember Beck telling me about the Devil's Haircut video which I think he really had a heavy hand in, right down to doing story boards and stuff, and he was sort of describing the kind of out-of-body experience he had, finally watching it, because he had these, his ideas so specific in his mind and then to actually be materialized on film and be able to watch them.

GR: I find that I get so involved in the video that by the end of, by when they are done, I'm so sick to death of them, cause I've seen every bit of rushes. So I like to do videos and not see them for a while and then enjoy them again. I saw (?) recently and I really enjoyed seeing it. I hadn't seen it in ages and when I was doing it, it was just so backwards and forewards, so finishes and changes and that, you know it just starts to piss you off, you know, when you start to hate them. I got back into liking them, so it's a better perspective, you know?

KH: We're speaking to Gavin from Bush, if you're just joining us.

GR: I heard some heavy breathing over there, did you hear it? Sort of sobbing, kind of a situation going on. Something's happening out there.

KH: I'll start calling you Ralph and maybe no one will say anything.

GR: Yeah.

KH: So I heard a crazy story, actually it's been disseminated fairly well on the internet, you can address it now. The short version is that the Foo Fighters were on stage at a gig in the UK and that Dave Grohl ended up...

GR: (shouting) Yeah man, that's the life, that's the life....there's a boat going past. Rich people.

KH: I'll say, but anyways, Dave Grohl was on stage in the UK and had on a T-shirt that was someone disparaging of your group, had Bush with a dollar sign through it.

GR:...had a dollar sign through the "S".

KH: Your paths crossed with him at KROQ in New York and I heard that you and your crew and your band had all donned similar T-shirts as some sort of acknowledgement.

GR: Well he is the Ringo Starr of the '90s, isn't he?

KH: That means he's married to someone who looks like Barbara Bach so it can't be all that...

GR: The best thing about Dave Grohl is his girlfriend.

KH: Was there any source of tension there because Veruca Salt was touring with your group?

GR: I think that was the source of all tension, with that s-a-u-c-e that was the source of all tension and it was unrequired because it's nice to be friends with people without trying to fuck them. We just hung out, being on tour. So he's just uptight. Whatever. It's silly. I really try not to get involved in it. I thought we would do something funny and we printed up those T-shirts because it was funny. We're all really lucky travelling around, making music, doing that. And it's really petty when it gets down to that kind of thing, of really slagging each other off and it wasn't only that. He's been slagging me for ages since he found out that we got on tour with Veruca Salt, which was kind of ironic since he asked our producers of 16 Stone to do his recent record. So, whatever. I would much prefer to talk about bands that I like and not, you know, I don't want to focus on that or give him the attention you know...

KH: Fair enough. Let's play some music...

GR: Yeah!

KH:...and we'll come back to wrap up.

GR: And talk about good things.


GR Like the Souls.

KH: Keep an eye out for a video for this one soon. It's Personal Holloway.

KH: Music from 102.1 The EDGE. We're here at the Molson Ampitheatre with a couple of thousand fans and also Gavin Rossdale and we're just wrapping up.

GR: Um, hello, yes.

KH: We should mention if we haven'f already that this is the last date of an 80-date North American tour and I guess it's off to Scotland, you have a festival there...

GR: Well yes. To me this feels like the end of touring 2 records in North America and Canada, and it's kind of ironic, I don't know how it happened really, but we released the record, as you know Razorblade Suitcase, played in Toronto, Much Music--whatever--and came over and did interviews with you and now we're ending it here. It's fun. And it's such a beautiful setting. I feel like I'm in the French Riviera or some thing like that.

KH: Don't look in the water.

GR: ...and I've never been there.

KH:...it may change your point of view.

GR: Well, I wouldn't know, I've never been in the water in the French Riviera either, so ah, it's all these boats and peace. It's a really great day. We're moving in a really positive, excellent thing. I've had a really great 3 years being on tour.

KH: So for fans that, since this tour is winding down, fans who may be wondering about new material and so forth. I think I read somewhere that you were thinking about doing Wild Horses, recording it as a potential UK B-side, is that right?

GR: Well, we did it on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno show, and hopefully they made a decent recording of that...Oh wow, yeah..(distracted)

KH: Please don't leave with them.

GR: I promise I won't leave with them. I can't see, my eyes...but I don't know. I think that may be the B-side. I don't know. I mean as far as you say new material, I just want a bit of time off, you know.

KH: Sure.

GR: Gee whiz, oh boy, I think I want to stop for a few minutes.

KH: I guess that's allowed.

GR: This is my favourite tour I've ever been on. To have Souls and Jesus Lizard. It's my most, favourite line-up I've ever done. Ever. This makes me more happier than anything in the world.

KH: Well I sense a real comradery, we were mentioning in the lift with the Souls, obviously, they are friends of yours and they have a common connection to you through the label right, so that must be a nice thing.

GR: We were friends first.

KH: So is it possible for you now to go and see a band without thinking of it from a business kind of side of like maybe wanting to sign them. I mean now that you have that ability.

GR: Of course.

KH:...to sort of extend that kind of helping hand.

GR: Yeah. I watch the Jesus Lizard every night but they apparently, they have a record deal anyway (laugh). No, you know, I don't think of it that way. I mean I started the label because I wanted to help the Souls cause they were my friends and I thought it was unfair that they weren't getting their exposure they deserved, so that's all, that was the reason behind it. It wasn't like--I didn't get the label and then go out to look for bands. I did it purely to help my friends, cause I can.

KH: It's a nice thing.

GR: It's my favourite new phrase. "Why'd you do that?" "Cause I can."

KH: There's a joke that goes with that too.

GR: Oh, there is?

KH: about dogs and genitals. I'll tell you all later.

GR: Got you. I know it. Right. Exactly.

KH: (laughs)

GR: There you go. And I'm sure everyone else knows.

KH: So we were mentioning you were finally going to be able to take some time off. Is there anywhere in the world you can go at this point? (screaming)

KH:...is there anywhere you can go and.

GR: They're all screaming because the Jesus Lizard have just arrived.

KH:...anywhere you can go and get a little relaxation?

GR: Have a cigarette. Yes. (more screaming)

KH: I'm not asking to reveal the location.

GR: Oh right, right right.

KH:...I'm saying is it possible for you in any sort of way to go and just be a normal guy for a few months, read the paper, drink some wine.

GR: I'm happy to be an abnormal person, for most of the time. But yeah, of course, anywhere, any Chinatown in any city in the world, I am unknown majorly, which is great.

KH: Better if you like Chinese food too, I guess.

GR: Hm, yeah. It's OK. They do it because of the music that we make. It doesn't really stress me out as much as people would think. Except when I'm eating.

KH: Yeah.

Gr: It's difficult then.

KH: Well on that note, it's always a pleasure to have you and the next time you're in town I'm sure our paths will cross again.

GR: We keep saying we're going to hang out when we don't have to do interviews. There is always a microphone and leads between us.

KH: Perhaps sometime in the future. OK, thank you for your time Gavin. Best of luck. Love to Nigel and to Dave and to Robin.

GR: Yes, and thank you Toronto and thank you to the whole area for the support because we get treated pretty good here, so

KH: Yeah Toronto. Oh, here's more music from Bush.