Kerrang! Magazine
December 1999
Interview with Gavin

Q: What did 1999 mean to you?

A: The release of The Science Of Things on a work level. And on a personal level it meant gearing up for the next century - trying to think about what I want to be doing and where I want to be, where I've come from and what I've achieved. There's something about the number 99 - it kind of feels like a watershed.

Q: Album of the year?

A: Underworld's 'Beaucoup Fish' was great, but I also like David Bowie's 'Hours' and Refused's 'The Shape Of Punk To Come'.

Q: Film of the year?

A: 'Boys Don't Cry' which is out in the UK next year, because it made me re-think my emotional priorities. It's a really powerful film, it's just fucking great.

Q: Person of the year?

A: I'm going to say my mum because she had to deal with 10,000 things this year and she's been a bit sad, so I just want to tell her that I love her. I'm going to put this article on a t-shirt and send it to her.

Q: Wanker of the year?

A: I feel bad for saying it cos I used to love him, but maybe Gary Glitter. I feel bad for him in one sense, but in another sense it's pretty fucking hideous. But I'm sure he's miserable enough without having two-bit musicians shouting about him. It'd be him, or the editor who came up with the idea of printing a collage of me with different women in a British magazine[Q].

Q: This year I have mostly been drinking....

A: That's easy - tequila.

Q: Who was the sexiest person you met this year?

A: Chloe Sevigny - she's in 'Boys Don't Cry'. I met her when we were staying in the same hotel in LA. I'm trying not to get myself into too much trouble here.....

Q: Who was the biggest tosser you met this year?

A: There was one guy who rang up when I did the Howard Stern show and said "Die fag! Die you fag!". But I think that guy's probably got more problems than I need to load him up with. He was like, "You fucking suck, you die, you motherfucking fag!". I just said, "Wow, you sound like you've got a really small penis".

Q: Where did you go on holiday this year?

A: The British Virgin Islands. It was really good, really relaxed. I just chilled out, found my way around and got a really good handle on the place. Next year I want to go to Bali or Thailand - somewhere like that.

Q: Personal high point of 1999?

A: Well, the release of the album is one. It's like the beginning of a whole new phase - promoting it and everything. And there's always the sense that the legacy has just increased by one record, you know? No matter what anyone thinks of it, they can't take it away and it gives me the reassurance that I've not been a total loser. But every time I come home and see my dog and my friends - those are all high points too.

Q: Personal low point of 1999?

A: Obvious personal relationship deficiency problems. That's all I'm saying.

Q: Best band you've seen all year?

A: Probably Massive Attack. I saw them at a festival we did with them in Bologna, Italy. They're really mellow but somehow that show really connected. I also saw Neil Young at the Wilton and it was just like the 60's, him playing all these hippie songs on his acoustic guitar. While it's not what you'd want to see every day, it was brilliant for that night. Hole and Marilyn Manson have been great too.

Q: Best song you wrote this year?

A: 'English Fire'. I just like the fact that it's so confrontational - and so physical. I probably couldn't have written that song a year ago. It's really hard and simple.

Q: Weirdest fan experience of the year?

A: Coming back to my hotel room and finding three female fans in various states of inebriation and clothing. That was in Germany. I think they paid a chambermaid or someone to let them in. It was pretty scary, actually.

Q: Most famous person you met this year?

A: Joel Schumaker, the director who did the video for Letting The Cables Sleep.

Q: Most extravagant thing you bought this year?

A: I've been buying some property for some people who have to remain nameless. I've bought a couple of paintings for myself, but I haven't really gone crazy. I fly to LA a lot and I guess that's pretty extravagant. Thinking about it, the most extravagant thing was my last video (The Chemicals Between Us) - that was fucking extravagant. I think the next video I do I'm just going to get a pile of money and burn it, KLF style. I might as well just cut to the chase.

Q: Most trouble you got yourself into this year?

A: Arm-wrestling a whole collection of stewardesses on a United Airlines flight and wandering around the plane wearing an apron. I took a sleeping pill and then a load of red wine and went back to the economy section. There was no one in there, so I was hanging out with the crew and we started arm-wrestling. Then we had a kung fu lesson - and the next thing I knew I was waking up lying across three seats, covered in flowers.

Q: Most outrageous thing you did this year?

A: You can use the last answer for that one, I think.

Q: Favourite insult of 1999?

A: I've been calling people 'muppets' all year. That's got to be my favourite insult of the year. You call someone a 'muppet' and it's like saying 'you stupid cunt' without having to say 'you stupid cunt'.

Q: Favourite chat-up line of 1999?

A: Someone went up to one of my friends and said, "Hey, do you want to dance?", and they said "Wrong verb". It worked as well.

Q: The moment I most felt like a prize donut in 1999 was....

A: I walked in on a couple having sex. It was a friend of mine who I grew up with, and he was staying at my house. I thought he'd left and I'd gone downstairs, but I walked into this one room and he was there with these feet by his ears. I was like, "Oh, I thought you'd gone". I was in and out in about a second. I wasn't *that* embarrassed, though - it was more funny than anything.

Q: "The Phantom Menace" - ace or arse?

A: Well, I happen to like Ewan McGregor a lot but I haven't seen it. I heard it was a bit arse. Actually, it's on the video list in this hotel so I might watch it today.

Q: What will you be drinking on Christmas day?

A: Beer, vodka and tonic, maybe a bit of champagne, and then some beautiful red wine.

Q: What will you be doing on New Year's Eve?

A: We're playing Times Square in New York with the Foo Fighters and some pop bands and stuff, so that should be good.

Q: The year 2000 will include....

A: I just hope the touring doesn't kill me, the record is heard by as many people as it should be, and everyone around me is happy, healthy and gets really rich.

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